Monday, October 2, 2017

2017 Peter A. Torigian Senior Center - Age Friendly Survey

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We encourage you to ... Get Involved!

We are writing to ask you to participate in a survey.  We are not seeking funds, just your ideas.  

The City of Peabody is seeking to become an Age Friendly City, a program directed by
AARP nationally and the World Health Organization internationally. To achieve this status,
we must identify and correct any situation where possible, that impedes healthy and safe
living for Seniors. Mayor Bettencourt and City Administrators are committed to maintaining and improving CityServices for Seniors and eager to support this effort.

Our shining example of this commitment is the Torigian Senior Center. If you wish to have more information about our organization, please visit us to take advantage of the programs. The survey can be downloaded and printed or obtained in one of this month's newsletters.  It is an important step in gathering information to identify the unmet needs of our Seniors in Peabody. The survey would take about 15 minutes to complete. Please feel free to add any comments. 

An envelope is provided in this months newsletter for your convenience to return the survey. You may also print it and use the drop box at the Senior Center. We look forward to your participation!

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PEABODY MA 01960-4393

We will be publishing a summary of the results, which will be totally anonymous.  
Thank you for your assistance! Carolyn Wynn, Director and Leona Kaplan, PCOA Special Projects