Friday, April 8, 2016

Louis Marques

Louis Marques a man from Fulton Street...he claimed not fame or glory; he sought not high office or chairmanship of the board. The only son of a hard working Portuguese family, it is here he shall live in remembrance with his one devotion in life, his mother Mary and father Manuel. In passing he preferred the needs of the seniors of Peabody and he left his fortunes for their benefit, at the Torigian Senior Center.

The greatness and generousness of this man from the East End of our great City for his donations to those institutions of health and wellness as a gift to those most deserving. Let it be known that Louis Marques is not forgotten by his acts of kindness to the Seniors of Peabody known and is here that he will always be remembered, we Thank you and God bless you Louis Marques.

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